Cinema 4D_

The world of 3D is a special place where you as an artist get total control over all aspects of your creations. Having 3D in your toolbox will truly enable you to turn your fantasies into reality. Learn how to model and visualize your ideas, then animate them, bringing them to life. Knowing 3D is a way to future proof your creative outlet.

We offer workshops and training in Cinema 4D, our go-to 3D software to help you get familiar with the world of 3D or simply to further or sharpen your existing skills. Maybe you’re looking into getting started with 3D printing, virtual reality or any other 3D based techniques? This is where to start.


Meditation may aswell just be called ‘play’. Since what we mean by meditation is the simply doing for the sake of doing, not much different to playing. At Hybrid forest we try to explore what organised play could be like, where work is not just a means to an end. We connect with our bodies in a playful way through different types of mediation such as dancing, breathwork, shaking, massaging or just sitting down together quietly. Very often, play is seen as something non-serious. However, play does not imply that something is not sincere. To come to work as present and connected to each other and your emotions is fundamental for a sincere space. We believe it it is key for an authentic communication with each other. To be able to speak out when things are shitty and when things are awesome. Meditation helps us align as a group and gives us the space we need.

We offer meditation workshops for companies or groups. The point for such a workshop is to co-create a space for enabling a more playful daily structure and help connect groups.

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