Guiding the user isn’t mind control

As beautiful as nature can be, it can also be frightening. At one moment flourishing and vibrant and to the next, dark and vicious. One can always follow the paths in the forest but if you simply keep your head down while walking, chances are you will probably get lost.

So how do we make it easy for people to navigate harmoniously in the landscape of websites and applications? How do we guide the user in a natural and inspiring way? Like Hansel and Gretel, we don’t want to throw bread crumbs along the paths and what happens if we don’t have any shiny pebbles to glisten your way through a complex user experience? At Hybrid Forest we want to lead the user through a beautiful landscape without the worry of getting lost.

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The world wide web is about to get a whole lot wider

Have you ever dreamt of entering a painting? Or to open the door to Narnia? The world wide web is about to get a lot more exciting with the possibility of virtual reality websites. This means that by putting on a VR headset you can be inside of a website, interacting with the functions and services in a virtual world. This new way of experiencing websites creates new and exciting opportunities for brands and companies to communicate who you are and what you do.



Symbiotic structure
A beautiful flower is not only its outer looks, it is also the DNA which programmes its birth and reproduction. In the same way we design websites and apps. We love to contribute to the overall branding meaning we can design the style parallel to the coding.


It's all in the details
A tree could look magnificent while standing tall in the forest but when the wind blows is when it really comes alive. So when making a logo, how about we animate it? It's small things that really make a design shine.

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