We Create Worlds

_Welcome to the reality of the virtual

At Hybrid Forest, fantasies grow with strong roots that connect with their surrounding emotions. These fantasies can then cultivate and flourish to reach their full potential. The creation of 3D worlds, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences enable us to interact with time and space. With the multiplicity of characters in the forest we explore the virtual by using game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. What we choose to co-create in this virtual world is fueled by our desire to continue pushing the boundaries of reality and is only constrained to the very limits of our minds.


Our journey into the unknown

In the forest we love to explore the latest in technology. From the very beginning of life, technology is subscribed to us. Through technologies such as language as well as building, artistic and electronical tools we make sense of our surroundings. We ask ourselves the question: How do we interpret the world through the latest technology? Where humans are the constant and technology the changing variable. Which means that by exploring the latest technology we also have to be considerate of the behaviours it creates.

Virtual Reality Headset

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