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In a place neither near nor far, during a time neither now nor then, a forest lies between a magnificent mountain deep. A creative studio populated by a multiplicity of characters. Characters who nurture their forest, life and emotions by practicing the alchemy of creativity and technology.

Hybrid Forest is a Stockholm based studio. We are a collection of playful hybrids, crafting and experimenting with our surroundings. Through the latest technology we explore following the fields:

Virtual Reality (VR) 360 video Film 3D Augmented Reality (AR) Websites Apps Workshops Renting VR Headsets Game Development Unity 3D Unreal Engine

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    It all began with a group of friends who had the intention of building a safe, fun and creative space for all involved. We wanted to ground and root ourselves in a community. A community where people can thrive and develop both current and new skills. Rather than simply asking ourselves where we want to go or where we can go, we start with what is meaningful to us and to the people we collaborate with.

    At Hybrid Forest, the best process is the process that grows in the direction it needs to grow thus enabling us to evolve towards a deeper relationship to our environment and to our clients. Hybrid forest believes in connectivity through dialogue and heterogeneity, meaning the connections formed between a collective mind help us forge the most efficient and exciting relationships. This is the multiplicity, the idea that the dynamics or nature of group changes every time a new person or client is involved. We want to create briefs with our clients through an on-going dialogue, aiming to find and co-create a collective knowledge.

    "The best process is the process that grows
          in the direction it needs to grow."

    At the forest we are extremely passionate about how something feels. Everything we do in life brings forth emotions and it is through these emotions that we experience the very world that we live in. To be in contact with one's emotions is also to be authentic. We believe that in order to have a meaningful relationship, a dialogue based on authenticity is essential.



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