Capturing a moment in time

In the forest the visitor only has to slow down in order to connect with what’s at the heart of it. Take a deep breath and appreciate the stillness, for only then does the forest truely come alive. In this stillness you can experience the world of 360 video where you are taken on an immersive journey, reliving events as if you were there. Hybrid Forest direct, shoot and edit film in 360 degrees. 360 video allows you to be in the centre of the story. In addition to this we also have the ability to incorporate text and 3D objects into the experience enabling even stronger stories to be narrated.

Nokia Ozo


You never forget your first love

Please sit down here by the campfire, relax and feel the heat from the flames. Tune in to this moment and listen, when we get to the end of this story, you will know more than you do now. Sitting by the fire, sharing stories and the warmth, we connect and shape the fundamental ability for understanding each other. At Hybrid Forest this campfire is central, where communicating a message and telling a story is at the very heart of what we do. With 3D artists and animators along with the latest in video capture technology, we produce everything from storyboard to post-production effects.

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